UMG Magazine

UMG is a yearly issue of the student magazine that is designed and produced solely by the Master Degree students of Graphic Design in the University of Lapland. The name UMG means different things every year and this year it stand for the courage to transform oneself (literally “Dare to change” in Finnish). The students themselves have decided on the scope and topics of the magazine and produced the content from the articles to illustrations and layout.


The first UMG magazine saw the light of day in 2010, so the 2015 UMG is the 6th volume. During its lifespan the magazine has once before sported both a printed and a digital edition, and this marks the second time. The topics of the magazine usually have revolved around the vast world of graphic design, and the newest UMG makes no exception.


Despite its creators and topics, UMG is not just about graphic design jargon, but should prove to be an interesting and enlightening read for industry outsiders also.


The theme of the 2015 edition of UMG is Change, which is a very common and ongoing phenomenon in the everyday life of graphic designers. The theme is approached through the perspectives of both academic and business life. We also had the privilege of interviewing known designers, who have faced the winds of change personally.


On UMG I worked among other things as the Web Developer and Digital Designer. I also did an interview with Hannu Hyrske and drew a comic on the issues of working in a group for a graphic designer.